Here you will find information about how our classes run, what your child may need to bring, dress code and expected behaviour.

Start Time

We expect our students to arrive ten minutes before the start of their session. 

Dress Code

Please make sure your child is dressed for physical activity, with appropriate footwear.


We expect all students to treat each other with respect, to listen carefully and follow the leader's instructions.


Children will not be able to leave the building unless a member of LLT staff has checked their parent / carer has arrived for them. Parents are politely requested to be punctual with their pick-up.


Payment is requested before the start of the term. Each term is ten weeks, unless otherwise stated. If you need a receipt, please feel free to ask for one.


Students are now requested to print their own scripts. This is due to Covid-19 measures. If you are unable to print scripts please let us know and we will be happy to help you out.

Drama Bags

LLT students are given unique Drama Bags. They must label these clearly and make sure they bring them to each session. Any lost items are replaceable at a cost.

Breaks & Snacks

KIDS and YOUTH are able to bring refreshments to their classes and will be given a ten minute break.


There is no designated break for TOTS and parents should chaperone their child to the toilet.

Due to Covid-19 measures only one child is allowed in the toilets at one time. This will be supervised by LLT staff.


There is no parking at Levenshulme Old Library. Parents are politely requested to park on the roads around the Library and chaperone their child to the building. Please do not park on yellow lines or obstruct local residents' driveways. Thank you.


All staff and volunteers of LLT are DBS checked.

Please read our Safeguarding Policies for more information.


Please read or Risk Assessment along with Levenshulme Old Library's to see what measures we have in place to protect your children.

Health & Safety

All parents / carers must complete an online Health Declaration and Photography & Filming Consent Form before the start of the first session.