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KIDS & TOTS perform A Midsummer Night's Dream

Updated: May 3, 2019

Proud does not even come close to describe the feelings I experienced after watching the Kids and Tots perform their end of term show of A Midsummer Night's Dream in April.

Bottom the Donkey enjoying the attention of Titania and her fairies

The performers looked amazing and performed as if they had been acting for years, not months and all of the skills they had learned during their second term really paid off as they brought tricky characters to life and spoke Shakespeare with real ease.

The clownish Mechanicals

It was a delight to see Levenshulme Old Library packed to the rafters with supportive audience members, including parents, friends and a guest appearance from Sharon at Liv's Trust. Liv's Trust have made it possible for one of our members to be funded through two terms of Levy Little Theatre and we cannot thank them enough.

For some of the cast it was their last show performing as KIDS and in April they start their first term in the all new YOUTH drama class for 12-17 year olds.

Oberon, King of the Fairies, with his trusted spirit Puck in a heated debate with Titania, Queen of the Fairies.

I cannot wait for the Skills term ahead and beyond that, the next wonderful show with this talented bunch of Levenshulme young people.

Thank you to everyone who supports Levy Little Theatre and all we do!

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