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A huge congratulations to all of our LAMDA students

In July our LAMDA students took various graded examinations for LAMDA. The LAMDA examinations offer a great opportunity for students of all ages to work towards yearly goals in their performance work, preparing monologues, duologues or group pieces and answering theoretical questions along the way to support their practical work. This year our students' were working from grade 3 all the way up to grade 8, which is the highest LAMDA qualification before starting work on the PCertLAM.

All of the Levy Little Theatre LAMDA students achieved Merits or Distinctions with one of our students, Izzie, achieving 92 out of 100, which is an incredible achievement for a grade 7 candidate.

That said, we value the effort, talent and hard work that all of our students put into their LAMDA work and whilst the marks are lovely to receive, we are very much focussed on learning skills, gaining a wider understanding of literary knowledge and feeling a personal improvement grade on grade.

A huge congratulations to all of our LAMDA students!

For more information on our LAMDA lessons (currently 1-1 lessons or 1-2 lessons) visit our website

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