Our online sessions are available to Tots, Kids and Youth during this time of distancing due to the Coronavirus.

The aim is to maintain connection, imagination and play between our young people. Whilst quality drama work is hugely reliant on being present and being together, sharing and communicating through body language, eye contact and discipline, Levy Little Theatre believe that a huge amount can still be taught and learnt via online sessions. Skills such as building on solo speaking, confidence and weekly exercises in writing and presenting. Screen work can also be maximised along with radio play exploration.

Current and new students are welcome to join us. The guideline for payment is below but we are offering a pay what you can afford scheme for the time being as we are aware of the financial pressures that this current pandemic is causing.


Bookings are made for 4 weeks of classes in advance.

TOTS (30 mins)                £12.00 / 4 weeks

KIDS (45 mins)                 £15.00 / 4 weeks

YOUTH (1 hour)               £20.00 / 4 weeks 


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Photographs by Giulia Zonza Photography