the part of something that is central to its existence or character

a BRAND NEW package of workshops 

"Be yourself, not an imitation of what you think you should be."

Diane Mottl, MSW

Over a series of 3 x 1.5 hour workshops CORE practitioners will explore your core character and delve into what defines your individuality and find out how can we celebrate your identity through tried and testing acting techniques.


CORE workshops are tailored to specific groups of people; currently WOMEN, KIDS and businesses.

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We get it!


Balancing all the plates you are spinning right now is stressful, living up to expectations is hard work, shifting between the multiple roles you play daily is exhausting. 


Sometimes we simply need to allow ourselves to press ... 

... pause ...


...and ask ourselves 'What do I need right now, in this moment?' 


Levy Little Theatre's CORE:WOMEN workshops offer you the time and equip you with the skills to discover that by helping you connect with your core both emotionally and physically using tried and tested acting techniques.


"Pay attention to the timeless core of your being."

Deepak Chopra


CORE:Women workshops aim to improve core strength both emotionally and physically by using professional acting techniques and exercises.

By connecting with your emotional core you open yourself up to; 

  • gaining confidence in who you are as a truly unique person,

  • respecting yourself and appreciating your strength and accomplishments,

  • exploring the many roles you play in life; how you change and adapt to given circumstances

  • improving relationships with friends and family by being more true to your beliefs and needs,

  • living more authentically in your day-to-day life,

By connecting with your physical core you are able to; 

  • build poise, presence and well-being and better align your posture

  • feel more in control of your own body and more connected to the body you inhabit.


We use acting techniques such as,


  • diaphragmatic breathing,

  • physicality and character work,

  • vocal projection, resonance and articulation

We explore,

  • the importance of eye contact,

  • your presence and power in a space,

  • your natural energies and rhythms and the messages they send out to others,

  • empathy and

  • how our environment and other peoples' energies affect us.

Workshops by experts from other disciplines are woven into the sessions to help you to connect with your physical core more affectively.​ These disciplines include,

  • yoga,

  • Pilates and

  • dance. 

"Be yourself, not an imitation of what you think you should be."

Diane Mottl, MSW

The CORE:WOMEN course is tailored to you; so that each participant leaves the course feeling stronger, empowered and better in touch with their CORE self.


There are two CORE:WOMEN courses per year in October and May.

Places are limited to 8 participants per course to ensure a safe working environment and so that each participant is given the time and attention they deserve. 

The courses take place at Levenshulme Old Library, Cromwell Grove, M19 3QE.


The course is spread over four weeks. There is one session lasting two hours per week so you have eight contact hours in total.​

The cost is £100 in total.


Refreshments during the sessions are provided and you will receive a take-home pack for you to continue your work which is included in the cost.

Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome on the CORE:WOMEN course.


No acting experience is necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to explore your core.

core [kˈɔː] : the part of something that is central to its existence or character.