Our classes are available to Tots (ages 3 - 5), Kids (ages 6 - 11) and Youth (ages 12 - 17) and are delivered by highly experienced and personable DBS checked staff, each offering varied and extensive performance knowledge to your children.

The overall aim of all our classes is to create connection, engage imagination and encourage play between our young people. Quality drama work is hugely reliant on being in-the-moment and being together, sharing and communicating through body language, eye contact and with discipline. These are skills which we practice weekly in all the work we do together.

A huge amount of our work is skills-based which means your child will learn theatrical techniques which will stand them in good stead for performance work but these skills also translate into everyday life; skills such as confidence, eye contact and posture. We want to encourage our young performers to work in a team and create novel and important work that the performers' feel they have ownership of. We also facilitate scripted work and put on yearly performances with props, costumes, sound and lighting.


At Levy Little Theatre we value the process just as much as the product.


Bookings and payments are made in advance of each ten week block. Classes are tailored to the groups' needs and ability each term and we often work towards performances and so we politely ask that your child commit to the full ten week term.

Your child's health and safety is of paramount importance to us and so we ask parents to update health and safety forms each term, along with photography and video consent forms. Failure to fill these in may result in your child not being able to take part in certain activities.

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Photographs by Giulia Zonza Photography